Postdoctoral Network Security Researcher

The Stratosphere IPS laboratory at the Czech Technical University in Prague is searching for a Postdoctoral network security researcher to join one of our projects involving applying game theory, adversarial networks, and machine learning into the network security field. For more detailed information on specific projects and opportunities, please contact us.

Contact: sebastian.garcia@agents.fel.cvut.cz


Malware Analyst

We are looking for an entry-level malware analyst and reverse engineer to work side by side to our machine learning and network security researchers in the Stratosphere IPS laboratory. The candidate is expected to work across different teams, from AI research to analyze advanced malware and APTs. The candidate is expected to have good communications skills, willingness to learn, and be able to work in a multifaceted team.

Contact: sebastian.garcia@agents.fel.cvut.cz