Applied Science to Protect NGOs


Civil organizations and NGOs have been constant victims of targeted cyber attacks. With low economic resources, scarce technical teams, and unable to afford expensive next-gen technology, their network defenses cannot protect them.

The Stratosphere project was born to fill this gap. We used the latest advances in academia to build a free software Machine Learning based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that can be used to detect and prevent specific cyber attacks. We engage with NGOs to assist them, harden their defenses and make them more resilient against these threats.


Our commitment through everything that we do

Since it was born in 2013, the Stratosphere Project is home of more than twelve different initiatives. Each of them with only one goal: help protect others through our high quality security research.


Stratosphere IPS Suite

a free software machine learning based ips.

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The Stratosphere laboratory is home of several projects from research in iot to development of solutions to help civil society. Learn More.


Students from different universities have ongoing thesis projects in relationship with our laboratory. Learn More.



we continuously publish new network traffic datasets of malware for research purposes. learn more.