Malware on IoT Dataset

One of the main goals of our Aposemat project is to obtain and use real IoT malware to infect the devices in order to create up to date datasets for research purposes. The datasets will be available to the public and published regularly in the Malware on IoT Dataset page.

We analyze these datasets in a regular basis. Check our blog to make sure you don’t miss our analysis write ups.

Malware datasets

Posible Mirai: CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-34-1

Posible Mirai: CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-34-2

Posible XBash: CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-41-1

Possible Mirai: CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-49-1

Posible Mirai: CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-52-1

Honeypots datasets
Edimax IC-7113W CTU-Honeypot-Capture-2-154

Edimax IC-7113W CTU-Honeypot-Capture-2-155

Malware Datasets

Dataset ID MD5 Infection Date Device Duration Size Label
CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-34-1 82062b666f09fc5c0fe4f68d1ea90916 2018/12/21 Raspberry 1 day 121M Mirai
CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-34-2 82062b666f09fc5c0fe4f68d1ea90916 2018/12/21 Raspberry 1 day 755M Mirai
CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-41-1 2103af76b361efbebca8bb59f94ee4b3 2019/01/09 Raspberry 1 day 85M CoinMiner
CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-46-1 2019/01/09 Raspberry 6 hours 880 KB MoneyZ IRC Dropper
CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-49-1 fb6e0196e38ff28a7325518eb7a7c412 2019/02/28 Raspberry 8 hours 1.3G Mirai
CTU-IoT-Malware-Capture-51-1 458d8b43af0ed2a64a3e2b021fcccb54 2019/03/08 Raspberry 1 day 6.8M Trojan