The Stratosphere Linux IPS, Stratosphere Windows IPS and Stratosphere Testing Framework are currently available for download and testing. Let us know your feedback from the Contact form.

Where to download?

    All the code of Stratosphere is currently hosted in the following GitHub repositories:

    Being all of them free software we encourage you to help us with the development of the product and the testing. Bugs reports are welcome!

    The malware captures used by the Stratosphere IPS can currently be downloaded from our Stratosphere Dataset. There is a huge amount of botnet datasets for you to download and use.

    Find out more!

    You can read more about the programs on their current webpages:

    Malware Capture Facility Project

    The Stratosphere Project is now the umbrella project for the Malware Capture Facility Project. This means that the MCFP will continue working, producing and making public real datasets of botnets, but the Stratosphere project will be the main destination of those datasets. For every practical reason, the MCFP is now the dataset generation part of the Stratosphere Project.