How to install and run Argus sniffer in your Raspberry Pi

This blog post was originally published on 12 March 2015, by Sebastian Garcia, at

This is an install guide to run the Argus Sniffer in the Raspberry PI using Raspbian for use in the Stratosphere Project.

Install Argus

  1. Download Latest Argus


  2. Install dependencies

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install bison flex libpcap-dev libpcap0.8 daemontools

  3. Unpack

    tar xfz argus-latest.tar.gz

  4. Compile Argus server

    cd argus-*



    sudo make install

Install Stratosphere Argus configuration

The instructions and files needed to install the Stratosphere configuration are in The steps are:

  1. git clone
  2. cd argus-configuration-files
  3. ./

This configuration will also run argus with supervise (so it is restarted when it dies).

How does everything work?

Argus is a sniffer that will capture packets in your Rpi and send flows to the Stratosphere project for analysis and protection. Once installed argus will run your Rpi and be restarted if it dies.