Summary of the Amparo-CERTUNLP Workshop in Neuquén, Argentina

This blog post was authored by Paula Venosa on 2019-07-10

On May 27-30 I participated as member of the CERTUNLP in a conference organized by the Government of Neuquén province in Argentina. Together with LACNIC in the frame of the Amparo Project we participated giving a workshop to other incident responders and members of CSIRTs. The event was very successful. The audience gathered individuals responsible for the security area of many Argentine provinces as well as National Universities, representatives of local ISPs, banks and other public and private organizations.

Alejandra Di Croco (Secretary of Modernization of the Neuquén Government, Graciela Martinez (WARP Coordinator - LACNIC), Nicolás Macia ( CERTUNLP Coordinator), Paula Venosa (CERTUNLP Coordinator)

Alejandra Di Croco (Secretary of Modernization of the Neuquén Government, Graciela Martinez (WARP Coordinator - LACNIC), Nicolás Macia ( CERTUNLP Coordinator), Paula Venosa (CERTUNLP Coordinator)


CERTUNLP is the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) of the La Plata National University (UNLP). It was established at the end of 2007 with the purpose of articulating an information security policy and response to incidents within the National University of La Plata (UNLP).

The mission of the CERTUNLP is to monitor, analyze and respond to security problems, to reduce the number of incidents perpetrated. Our CERTUNLP team provides attention and response services to security incidents in the computer services offered by the UNLP. More information at

About Amparo Project

The AMPARO project is a LACNIC initiative aimed at strengthening computer security incident awareness, knowledge and response capabilities in Latin American and Caribbean countries, particularly at private company and social organization level. AMPARO focuses mainly on promoting knowledge and training in the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) methodology, conducting applied research activities, and building a regional platform for training experts. More information at

The Workshop

The Workshop was aimed at technicians and professionals involved in computer security. In this event we covered the following topics:

  • Guidelines for the formation of a CSIRT.

  • Typologies of Response Centers.

  • Description of CSIRT functions and services.

  • Risk Management Policies.

  • Practical workshops on computer security incident management, using armed scenarios based on real cases.

The participants traveled from all over the country and expressed their satisfaction with the training received. The local media went to interview the different actors based on the repercussion of the event and its publication in social networks.


About Paula Venosa

Paula Venosa is a co-founder of the CSIRT Academic of the University Nacional de La Plata (CertUNLP), Assistant Professor and Researcher at LINTI (Laboratory of Research in New Computer Technologies) at the Informatics Faculty of La Plata National University in Argentine. She specializes in Networks and Information Security and has several scientific papers published with national and international referendum. 

She has been CISCO CCNA and CCNP Instructor, and she actively participates in various projects in the intersection of academy, government, and industry. She also contributes to various security awareness projects aimed at young children, teachers, and adults.

She has been Director and Co-Director of more than 10 theses degree as well as postgraduate specialization jobs. Paula has presented her work at numerous conferences and events, and she is coordinator and revisor of security workshops or areas in WICC, CACIC and others national events.

She is doing her Magister Thesis titled “Detection of security attacks on networks using ensembling techniques” directed by Sebastian García. Due to this project he is part of the group of Stratosphere.