Summary of the Amparo-CERTUNLP Workshop in Neuquén, Argentina

On May 27-30 I participated as member of the CERTUNLP in a conference organized by the Government of Neuquén province in Argentina. Together with LACNIC in the frame of the Amparo Project we participated giving a workshop to other incident responders and members of CSIRTs. The event was very successful. The audience gathered individuals responsible for the security area of ​​many Argentine provinces as well as National Universities, representatives of local ISPs, banks and other public and private organizations. By Paula Venosa.

First Workshop on Attackers and Cyber-Crime Operations (WACCO) 2019

On June 20th will take place in Stockholm the First Workshop on Attackers and Cyber-Crime Operations (WACCO) as part of the IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroSP). WACCO is a great initiative that provides the opportunity for research, discussions, and sharing on cyber-criminal activities.

Creating "Too much noise" in DEFCON AI village CTF challenge

During DEFCON 26 the AI village hosted a jeopardy style CTF with challenges related to AI/ML and security. I thought it would be fun to create a challenge for that and I had an idea that revolved around Denoising Autoencoders (DA). The challenge was named “Too much noise” but unfortunately it was not solved by anyone during the CTF. In this blog I would like to present the idea behind it and how one could go about and solve it.