Upcoming Talk: A Study of Machete Cyber Espionage Operations in Latin America


On Wednesday, October 2, at the 29th Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB2019) in London, our researchers Veronica Valeros, Maria Rigaki, Kamila Babayeva and Sebastian Garcia will present the results of more than 3 years of studying and tracking the Machete APT in their talk “A Study of Machete Cyber Espionage Operations in Latin America”.

Active since late 2010, Machete has become one of the largest cyber espionage operations in Latin America. The lack of sophistication has not stopped the threat actors to continuously deploy new campaigns, and keep operating almost unstopped.

In the upcoming presentation at Virus Bulletin, Stratosphere researchers will shed light on more than 100 campaigns that took place since 2010 until now. Through the careful analysis of almost 100 decoy documents used in their campaign, researchers get behind the mind of the attackers mapping the interest of the threat actors along the years.

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See the full program of the conference at the Virus Bulletin website.